Visa Base handles applications on behalf of individuals and corporate clients, travelling almost anywhere in the world. 
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What is a travel visa?

A travel visa is an official document authorising the holder to visit or temporarily stay in a foreign country. It usually takes the form of a stamp or sticker placed in your passport, although an increasing number of countries now rely on eVisas or ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation), which hold your information digitally instead. Visas generally include limits on the duration of stay and number of times you are permitted to enter a country (single, double or multiple entries). 



How do I apply?

Check the documentary requirements for your destination, using the search form below. These vary depending on where you’re going and the purpose of your trip. You will generally need to submit your current passport (not a copy), one or more passport photographs and a completed application form. You may also be asked to provide a travel itinerary or proof of accommodation, and for business trips, details of a host or sponsor organisation in the destination country. 


How does it work?

Once you’ve placed your order, and sent us your documents, we’ll take care of everything else. One of our visa specialists will go through your application, checking the details are correct and letting you know if anything’s missing. When it’s ready for submission, we’ll take your application to the embassy and lodge it on your behalf. We’ll go back as soon as the visa is ready for collection, and your passport – with the new visa inside – will be returned to you via your chosen delivery method. 


 How long does it take?

Processing speed varies depending on the embassy, but in some cases we are able to turn visa applications around in as little as a day. All of our visa requirement pages include information on specific processing times, including expedited services, where available – just search for your destination and visa type, and you’ll find details along with a list of service fees.


How do I pay?

We accept cash payments, or debit and credit cards via secure WorldPay transaction. Payment is due upon collection of visa. Our standard invoice terms for account holders are 14 to 30 days, with payment due via bank transfer, card or company cheque. Please contact us for more information if you are interested in opening a business account.


Need more information? 



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