Russian Telex Invitations


In order to obtain a Russian business visa, an official letter of invitation (Telex) or the reference number of the Telex invitation must be produced when submitting an application. The original invitation is issued by the Federal Migration Service or the Russian Foreign Ministry and must contain their official seal. Once it’s issued, the relevant branch of government will transmit the details via Telex to the Russian embassy in the UK. If you (or your Russian host) are unable to provide a Telex invitation, we can obtain one on your behalf.


Single entry (1 month)6-7 working days£125
Single entry (3 months)6-7 working days£145
Double entry (1 month)6-7 working days£165
Double entry (3 months)6-7 working days£185
Multiple entry (6 months)15-16 working days£205
Multiple entry (12 months)15-16 working days£225
Multiple entry (12 months)10-12 working days£340
Tourist voucher 24 hours£45


Please note, the fees listed above are applicable in addition to our standard handling charge and any consular fees. 


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