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Amend  |  Child Passport


Documentary Requirements


::    Child’s current passport

Unless it is damaged or defaced in any way, the passport office will post this back to you under separate cover, at the address noted on your application form.

If the passport contains any visas with remaining validity, these may become invalid if your child changes their name. Please check with the embassy of the country which issued the visa. (You can find details on our Embassy Contacts page.)

If your child’s current or expired passport has been lost, stolen, damaged or defaced, you must replace it, rather than amending. Please see our passport replacement service for more information.

::    Completed and signed application form

We can either send you a copy of the printed application form in the post OR you can obtain one by visiting a Post Office which offers passport services. Please contact us for further information or to request a form.

Once you have a copy, please ensure you read and carefully follow the printed instructions. The form must be filled out using block capital letters, and black ink ONLY. All answers must be written within the confines of the white boxes marked on the form.

Please sign the application form after it’s completed. If the child is aged between 12 and 15, they must sign it, too. When filling in and signing the form, you should use the name that you want to see printed on the new passport.

::    Two recent passport photographs

The photographs must be identical and should have been taken within the last month against a cream or light-grey background. They must be printed to a professional standard, in colour with no border. Please click the link on our main passports page to read the full photo guidelines.

If your child is aged 11 or under, or cannot be easily recognised from the photograph in their current passport, the application form and one of the photographs must be countersigned as proof of identity.

The countersignatory must be someone you have known in person (e.g. a friend, neighbour or colleague) for at least two years. They should be ‘a person of good standing in the community’, or work in/be retired from a recognised profession. You must NOT be in a relationship with the person, related to them by birth/marriage, or living at the same address. He or she must live in the UK and have a current British or Irish passport. It is possible the passport office will contact them for further information in support of your application. If they are not available or easily contactable (e.g. on holiday), this may delay the processing of your new passport.

Your countersignatory should write the following on the back of the photograph:  ‘I certify that this is a true likeness of (full name of applicant)’. They must then add their signature and the date underneath. Please note, you do not need to sign or date the photograph yourself.

::    Written consent

Everyone who has official parental responsibility for the child must provide an original, signed letter of consent confirming they agree to the child obtaining a new passport to reflect his or her change of name.

::    Letter of authorisation

Please supply an original letter authorising us to submit a passport application on behalf of you and your child. This must be signed by the same parent who signed the application form, and should include their full name and contact details, including daytime telephone number.

The letter must also include the name of the person who will be submitting your application. We will provide this in your order confirmation email.





You can generally apply for a passport on behalf of your child if he or she is under 15 and you have official parental responsibility for them.

You can amend a child’s passport at any time. When you do so, any time left on your current passport will be added to your new one, up to a maximum of nine months.

Children’s passports are valid for five years, rather than ten. Your child can continue to use their child passport until it expires, even if they are over 18.

Please note, the passport office accepts submissions on an appointment-only basis. On receipt of your application, we will make the appointment and attend on your behalf.

All passports issued under the Fast Track service are posted directly to the applicant from the Passport Office within one week of submission. This means that while we are able to attend the appointment and submit your application, we cannot collect the passport on your behalf.

Please contact us for further advice before submitting an application if your child is adopted, fostered or was born through surrogacy. Please also get in touch if you wish to submit an application from outside the UK.



Service Fees


Please note, all fees are charged per individual traveller. Service and processing fees are exclusive of VAT, which will be added at the point of invoice. The total price of your order will depend on the product and the processing service you select. Passport fees are subject to change with no prior notice. Please contact us before placing your order if you require further information.




(1 week from appointment)


Passport office fee: £122

Handling fee:  £80 



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