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Business Visa  |  India


Visa Requirements


::    Passport valid for at least 180 days

::    Two blank visa pages in passport

::    Two recent passport photographs

The photographs must measure 50x50mm. We can adjust your standard passport photographs for an additional fee. Please see our Services page or contact us for further information.

::    Application form, completed online

The application form must be completed online. Please ensure all questions are answered in full, and all names and details exactly match those in your passport. Once you have completed the online form, print it out twice, then sign and date both copies (making sure your signature stays within the box provided), ready to submit to us along with the other application requirements. Please do not process any payment or book an appointment; we will handle both on your behalf.

Please note, the online form only remains valid for 14 days after it’s completed. If your documents are not submitted to the Indian High Commission within this period, you will have to start the process again.

::    Proof of residence

Please submit a colour photocopy of either your UK residence card (both sides), indefinite leave to remain stamp or current UK visa.

::    Proof of stay

If you have been resident in the UK for more than two years, please supply a current utility bill (no more than one month old) and a bill for the same utility which is 24-30 months old, both to show your name and UK residential address. Acceptable utility bills are gas, electricity, water, council tax, a landline telephone or a tenancy agreement. Bank statements will not be considered as proof of stay.
If you have been resident in the UK for under two years, you must complete a non-resident form and pay an additional fee (£10). Your application will be referred and processing may take longer. 

::    Signed declaration form

::    Authorisation letter

Please provide a signed letter authorising us to submit and collect your application.

::    Bank statement

Applicant must submit the most recent bank statement from their current account.

::    Business introduction letter

The letter of introduction from your UK employer must be an original document on company letterhead, addressed to the High Commission of India in London (or the relevant consulate if you are applying in Birmingham or Edinburgh). It must be signed by an authorised signatory of the company – a proxy signature is not acceptable. The letter must include your full name, passport number, start and expiry date of passport, purpose of trip and duration of stay in India (per trip, where applicable). It should include details of the organisation(s) to be visited in India, and accept moral and financial responsibility for your trip.

Self-employed applicants should instead provide a chartered accountant’s certificate. Applicants who are unemployed or on disability benefits must submit a letter confirming this status.

::    Letter of invitation

The letter of invitation must come from a business or organisation in India. It must be an original document, written on official company letterhead, addressed to the High Commission of India and signed by an authorised signatory, as before. The letter must include your full name, passport number, start and expiry date of passport, purpose of trip and duration of stay in India (per trip, where applicable).

::    Biometric information, if applicable

All travellers applying for a 5 year multiple-entry visa are required to provide biometric information in person at the Indian visa processing centre on the day of application. The provision of biometrics is compulsory and applications from travellers who refuse to give their fingerprints will automatically be rejected.




Additional Information


Please submit photocopies of all required documents, rather than originals, unless the originals are specifically requested.

Travellers entering India from or via a country where yellow fever is endemic must hold a valid vaccination certificate.

The Indian visa processing centre accepts submissions on an appointment-only basis. On receipt of your application, we will make the appointment and attend on your behalf. PLEASE NOTE, this can take up to two weeks, depending on the level of demand for appointments. If your visa is urgent, the processing centre offer an expedited next-day appointment option at a cost of £15.

If you already have a valid Indian visa in your passport, it must be cancelled before the embassy will issue a new one.

Visas are generally issued for a period of up to one year. If you require a longer validity, this should be clearly stated on your application form as well as the invitation and business introduction letters. You must also provide a copy of your last Indian visa. Please note, all visas are issued at the discretion of the embassy and there is no guarantee your request for extended validity will be granted.

All visas are valid from the date of issue, and the maximum duration of stay permitted on any single visit is 180 days.

If you are of Pakistani origin, please contact us before submitting your application.

If you have previously held Indian nationality, you must supply a copy of your surrender certificate and a copy of your cancelled Indian passport OR, if you have travelled to India before, you previous passport with Indian visa.

Visa approval for applicants working in media or charity-related professions, social workers, the police/armed forces, commercial pilots and crew members may be referred to the immigration authorities in India. This will extend processing times and additional fees may also be incurred.

The embassy reserves the right to request additional documents in support of your visa application, and to alter or increase fees without prior notice.

No refund will be given if your visa is cancelled, rejected by the embassy or if the validity/visa type is not as requested.

Visa and Service Fees


Please note, all fees are charged per individual traveller. Service and processing fees listed are inclusive of VAT, where applicable. The total price of your order will depend on the product and the processing service you select. Visa fees are subject to change with no prior notice. Please contact us before placing your order if you require further information.




(2 – 8 weeks from appointment)


Multiple entry visa (up to 1 year): £3

Multiple entry visa (over 1 year): £3

Processing fee: £11.57

Mandatory SMS notification fee: £1.20

Next-day appointment fee (optional): £15

Handling fee:  £80



NB: Visas for Afghan nationals are issued gratis (free of charge), but still incur a £3 consular surcharge.



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Fees and requirements for an Indian visa vary depending on your nationality. 

If you’ve landed on this page via Google or another search engine, please visit our main Indian visas page and enter your nationality to ensure you have the correct information.