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Tourist Visa  |  Gabon


Visa Requirements


::    Passport valid for six months on exit

::    Two blank visa pages in passport

::    Copy of passport information page

::    Completed and signed application form

Travellers must complete the application form using their own handwriting.

::    Two recent passport photographs

::    Proof of activity

This should take the form of an employment certificate, signed by your employer or, for students, an official letter from their school, college or university, confirming their enrolment.

::    Proof of financial means

Please provide your most recent monthly bank statement as proof of sufficient funds to cover the costs of stay in Gabon.

::    Letter of authorisation

::    Round-trip flight tickets

::    Proof of address

Please submit a copy of a current utility bill, showing your UK residential address.

::    Proof of accommodation

Please submit either confirmation of a Gabonese hotel booking in your name, signed by the hotel manager OR, if you intend to stay with a friend/relative, an accommodation certificate (certificat d’hébergement) or a letter of invitation certified by the local Town Hall in Gabon. The inviting party must also submit a certified copy of their ID card or residence permit. 

::    Yellow fever vaccination certificate

Vaccination against yellow fever is compulsory for all visitors to Gabon. Failure to show proof of your vaccination status may result in a fine.

::    Birth certificate and parental consent, if applicable

Applicants under 18 years must submit a copy of their birth certificate and a certificate of registration from their school, college or university. They must also provide a letter of parental consent to travel and a photocopy of both parents’ passports.



You may be able to obtain a visa on arrival at Leon Mba International Airport. However, the fees and requirements are the same and there is no guarantee of entry. We therefore strongly advise applicants to obtain a visa before travelling.



Additional Information


Visas for children aged five and under are issued free of charge. However, any service charges (e.g. express processing) are still applicable.

The embassy reserves the right to request additional documents in support of your visa application, and to alter or increase fees without prior notice.

No refund will be given if your visa is cancelled or rejected by the embassy.

Visa and Service Fees


Please note, all fees are charged per individual traveller. Service and processing fees are exclusive of VAT, which will be added at the point of invoice. The total price of your order will depend on the product and the processing service you select. Visa fees are subject to change with no prior notice. Please contact us before placing your order if you require further information.




(from 5 working days)

Single entry visa (3 months): £80

Multiple entry visa (3 months): £240

Handling fee:  £80




(Tuesdays and Thursdays only)

Single entry visa (3 months): £130

Multiple entry visa (3 months): £290

Handling fee:  £100



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