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Business Visa  |  China


Visa Requirements


::    Passport valid for six months on exit 

::    Two blank visa pages in passport

::    Copy of passport information page

::    Signed declaration form

::    Proof of status

All applicants must submit a valid visa or certificate of stay, residence, employment or student status. Please provide both the original and a clear colour photocopy.

::    Completed and signed application form

The application form must be completed online – handwritten forms will not be accepted. Please ensure all questions are answered in full, and all names and details exactly match those in your passport. Applicants are advised to make sure they provide the full name, address, area code and telephone number of both their hotel and inviting organisation (where applicable) in the relevant section of the form. The embassy is likely to reject your application if you fail to do so

Once you have completed the online form, print it out, then sign and date, ready to submit to us along with the other application requirements. 

If you require further assistance with the online application form, we can complete it on your behalf for an additional fee of £35. Please see our Services page or contact us for further information.

NB. When filling out the online application form, you should select London as the location for submitting your form. Please DO NOT book an appointment after you’ve completed the form – we will do that on your behalf.

If you would prefer to attend an appointment in Manchester, Edinburgh or Belfast, we can still assist with form-filling, application checks and booking an appointment, but will not be able to accompany you to the application centre.

::    One recent passport photograph

This must be uploaded to the online application form as a JPEG (file size 40KB – 120KB). We can scan and convert your passport photo for an additional fee. Please see our Services page or contact us for further information.

Please note, the passport photo must clearly show your forehead and ears, but no jewellery (including earrings). Click here to view full passport photo guidelines for Chinese visa applications.

::    Biometric information, provided in person

Applicants aged between 14 and 70 must provide biometric information (fingerprints and photograph) in person at the Chinese visa processing centre on the day of application. The biometric process is compulsory and applications from travellers who refuse to give their fingerprints will automatically be rejected.

All appointments for applicants using our service will be at 8.45am.

::    Letter of invitation

Travellers can provide a letter of invitation from one of two sources.

If issued by a business or public institution in China, it must include the name, address, fax and telephone number of the host company. The letter should state the applicant’s full name, date of birth, passport number, gender, and provide details of their relationship to the host. It must also note duration, dates and purpose of trip, locations to be visited, and source of financial support while in China.

The letter must be written on official company letterhead, bear the official company stamp and should be no more than three months old. The signatory (your sponsor or host) must sign and print their name in Chinese characters, and should also submit a copy of the information page from their passport. The signature on the invitation letter must be exactly the same as the signature in the passport.

Alternatively, you may submit an invitation from the Chinese Foreign Ministry. This must be issued, signed and date by a Duly Authorised Unit, and should bear their seal. The letter must be no more than three months old and should include the applicant’s full name and date of birth.

A fax or photocopy (NOT an email) of either letter is generally acceptable, however the original may be required, at the discretion of the embassy.

Please note, applicants must also provide a copy of their invitation letter upon arrival in China.

::    Business introduction letter, if applicable 

Applicants working in any area of the media must submit a letter of introduction from their UK employer. This should be an original, document on company letterhead, addressed to the embassy. It should note the nature of company business, the applicant’s position within the company and state duration and purpose of travel. The letter must also confirm that the applicant will not be involved in any media-related activities during their visit to China.

Please note, visa validity may be restricted if you are employed by a media-related organisation.

::    Copy of previous Chinese visa(s), if applicable 

Applicants who have previously travelled to China must submit a good quality photocopy of their most recent visa. This must be a copy of a previous multiple-entry visa, if you are applying for a new multiple-entry visa.

::    Personal statement, if applicable

If you have a valid (current) Chinese visa in your passport, this must be cancelled before a new one can be issued. Please provide a letter, addressed to the Chinese Embassy, explaining why you require a new visa.




Additional Information

If you hold a Hong Kong ID card, regardless of your current nationality, this must be submitted as part of your visa application.

Applicants of Sri Lankan origin must write details of their ethnicity and religion at the bottom of the first page of the application form.

Applicants born in China, Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan who have since been naturalised as citizen of another country must provide their original Chinese passport, along with a copy of the information page and any relevant extension pages.

Travellers with dual nationality, must apply with the same passport used to enter the UK.

The embassy will not process visa applications for restricted areas.

Travellers with a valid Chinese visa in an expired UK passport can still use it to visit China, providing they are also carrying a new passport with the same details (name, gender, nationality and date of birth).

The validity and type of visa issued (single, double or multiple entry) will be at the discretion of the embassy.

The embassy reserves the right to request additional or alternative documents in support of your application.

No refund will be given if your visa is cancelled or rejected by the embassy.

Visa and Service Fees


Please note, all fees are charged per individual traveller. Service and processing fees listed are inclusive of VAT, where applicable. The total price of your order will depend on the product and the processing service you select. Visa fees are subject to change with no prior notice. Please contact us before placing your order if you require further information.




(4 working days)


Single entry visa (3 months): £28

Double entry visa (6 months): £42

Multiple entry visa (6 months): £56

Multiple entry visa (1 year): £84

Processing centre fee: £66

Handling fee:  £95 




(3 working days)


Single entry visa (3 months): £47

Double entry visa (6 months): £61

Multiple entry visa (6 months): £75

Multiple entry visa (1 year): £103

Processing centre fee: £78

Handling fee:  £115 



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